April 29, 2011

VINYL : Lets compare prices!

So I have been wanting to do some vinyl projects for a LONG time!  But as always I want the best price I can find, so I have been researching and comparing prices and quality.

When it came down to it there were only 2 places that I think offer the best vinyl at a great price.  But one is much more superior in price than the other and I do order most of my vinyl from the, lets compare prices :-)

Oracal 631 Exhabition Vinyl     (Cricut vinyl)
  --- 24" x 10 Yd.  Roll is   $22.90/Roll    (with shipping it ends up around $36.00) 
* When you cut this to 24"x12"  you get 30 pieces!


Cricut Vinyl     (Oracal 631)
-- 24" x 12" Piece is   $1.89/EA.
* When you times that by 30 pieces it is $56.70  (with shipping its around $70.00)

So clearly whenever possible I buy from, they are normally more than half the price of!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!



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